Although the popularization of vacuum cleaner time is not too long, but in fact vacuum cleaner has a hundred years of development history. From the traditional bucket vacuum cleaner to today’s wireless hand vacuum cleaner, from once heavy body to now more and more miniaturization, and even ...
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    For many people, the car is like a second home, sometimes go out, eat and sleep, and even work are in the car, so people for the car environment is bound to have requirements, not to say how intelligent high-tech, at least clean and tidy. But it is such a small request, many people are difficult ...
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    In fact, the air pump is not a very high frequency of use in our life, but it is an indispensable necessity. There will always be bad gas in the car tires at home, almost gas can’t go anywhere, and then an air pump can make the difficulties easily solved. Not to mention the home of electric...
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  • vacuum cleaners

    Originating from Europe, vacuum cleaners have a history of more than 100 years. Since they were introduced into the Chinese market in 1980, vacuum cleaners have attracted great market attention. Meanwhile, the sales volume of vacuum cleaners in China has been growing at a rapid rate of 38% per ye...
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  • Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

    Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

    “What do I look for…and where do I start?” With 100’s of vacuum cleaner brands, models, and styles available, feeling completely lost and frustrated is only natural. If your first step was Googling vacuum cleaner reviews you’re certainly not alone because everyone understands that the wrong purch...
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  • How to choose a car-mounted air pump

    How to choose a car-mounted air pump

    ow to choose a car-mounted air pump, the content to be introduced today is car knowledge. When many people buy an air pump, they like to ask what brand is easy to use and feel that the quality of the brand is guaranteed, i thought it would be easier to read people’s comments online, but it&...
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  • Cautions Of Using A Vacuum Cleaner

    Generally speaking, we buy vacuum cleaners to suck garbage, but there is some points that have to be noticed while using a vacuum cleaner. 1. When using this product, in order to avoid insufficient power storage, you must first start the engine of the car and then link the product, so it will not...
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  • How to use

    Let us have a look at the using instruction of the vacuum cleaner and the air compressor, now we will take our VC-108 to be a sample,as it is a 4 in 1 product, it combines air compressor, vacuum cleaner, light and gauge. How to use the vacuum cleaner: 1. Start the car engine to idle state, take t...
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  • NEW Arrivals

    Our factory has been 10 years,and we are always trying best to provide the products that is perfect for our customer,we check every piece before sending out,we hope every piece on the hand of our customer is good and qualified.But we know that only have olds products are not enough,in order to gi...
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