How to choose a car-mounted air pump

ow to choose a car-mounted air pump, the content to be introduced today is car knowledge. When many people buy an air pump, they like to ask what brand is easy to use and feel that the quality of the brand is guaranteed, i thought it would be easier to read people’s comments online, but it’s not. Many of the answers are the seller’s own answers, and can not play the role of reference. In fact, most of the pump is the same quality, there is nothing good or bad, big brands may also be defective products, so choose the right price can, then we come to understand how to choose the car pump. Vehicle-mounted air pump selection method: 1. Small size, usually placed in the trunk of the car, does not occupy space, easy to carry. 2. High Power, high efficiency, high inflation speed. 3. The utility model can be used for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, swimming rings, Ball Games, etc. , and has a wide range of uses. 4. Can Be used to measure the tire pressure, so that the car tire at any time to maintain normal tire pressure. 1. Buy a complete set of inflatable pump, 2. Charging pump power 3. Charging pump speed 4. Length of charging pump power cord 5. Quality of air-filled pump fittings and tire pressure Gauges 6. Buy An inflatable pump with multiple terminals 7. Purchase a fully functional pneumatic pump. Many products exist for a rainy day. Vehicle-mounted air pump is such a product, although not often used, but once in a while will find its importance. Here small editor also can not be arbitrary said need or do not need, mainly depends on your personal needs. Vehicle-borne pneumatic pump selection method: drive on the road, encountered a flat tire or tire situation, can only help the car repair shop to help change the tire, not only consume a long time to pay quite expensive costs. If you have an onboard air pump, you can change the spare tire quickly and easily. Today I recommend 10 high-power car air pump to you, come to prepare for their car bar. Many products exist for a rainy day. Vehicle-mounted air pump is such a product, although not often used, but once in a while will find its importance. Here small editor also can not be arbitrary said need or do not need, mainly depends on your personal needs. After connecting the power supply of the air pump, start the vehicle before using the air pump, because the current required by the air pump is relatively large. If you don’t start the vehicle, the air pump will consume the battery power very much, and it is easy to damage the battery. In order to measure the tire pressure accurately, we use the independent tire pressure gauge to measure. When the tire pressure is 1.0 PSI, we use the single cylinder vehicle air-filled pump to inflate the tire. We use the noise meter to measure the working volume at that time to be 81.0 DB, inflating to 2.5 PSI TAKES 3 minutes and 34 seconds. After inflation, let’s see if the tire pressure is accurate. We used an independent tire pressure monitor to measure the tire pressure at 2.35 PSI. Selection method of vehicle-mounted air-filled pump introduction: The selection of air-filled pump power is based on the type of vehicle to decide, so in the selection of vehicle-mounted air-filled pump, ordinary family cars can choose single cylinder low power, enough to use the general will not exceed 180w; But large and medium-sized vehicles may want to consider the use of double-cylinder high-power inflatable pump, otherwise the inflation is very slow, and power consumption. So you can generally buy about 180w double-cylinder pneumatic pump. Inflating speed: The general vehicle pump inflating speed is different, low-power inflating slow, high-power inflating fast. General inflation rate per minute more than 35L to be considered fast inflation. For example, this two-cylinder air pump, about 80 seconds to complete! It is recommended that the choice of rapid inflation, because the general pump can not work continuously for a long time, long working hours easily lead to body heat. If it takes a lot of time to fill one tire, four is too long! Pump connector: the connector is a common part of the pump, there are threaded, there are fast connector, durable, material should be careful, poor quality is ordinary iron, easy to deformation, slip, etc. . Look at the material as you choose. Tire pressure gauge, for vehicles without tire pressure monitoring system should always have a spare tire pressure gauge, convenient to check the tire pressure at any time, digital and mechanical, digital convenient to carry light weight, digital display more intuitive, but the measurement accuracy is limited, it is easy to have error, and mechanical precision will be better, can be used for a long time. The tire pressure meter can add a safeguard for the traveling safety, reduces the accident the occurrence. Other functions: car-mounted air pump function should be comprehensive, can be a multi-purpose, such as emergency LED lighting, extension tube and other functions. Well, that’s all for today’s introduction. We can see from the above article how to choose the vehicle-mounted air pump. We should first look at the power, air speed, and air pump connector, tire pressure meter and other functions so here to tell you again to buy inflatable pump when do not look at the brand data on the line, I hope today’s introduction can help you.

Post time: Feb-01-2021