In fact, the air pump is not a very high frequency of use in our life, but it is an indispensable necessity. There will always be bad gas in the car tires at home, almost gas can’t go anywhere, and then an air pump can make the difficulties easily solved. Not to mention the home of electric vehicles, bicycles, football, basketball and other situations that need to be often used. Old fashioned pumps, though easy to use, are hard work to pump up.




With the development of science and technology today, it is impossible for us to do it again in our lifetime. Because I just started a DI technology produced by DI Mi accompanied the air pump, my family has his residence, the child basketball inflated problem from then on he can easily solve, electric car, bicycle tire added gas, the family no longer have to wait for me to think of a way, they can easily solve the problem of inflating the tire. And I used him to inflate my car’s tires, which was just as easy to solve.




This type of Di Mi onboard air pump, built-in 3 large capacity 2500mAh lithium battery, rated power 120W, which means it has wired and wireless dual mode, can be used independently wireless, can also be connected to the car charging port wired. The size of the air pump is 142*126*58mm, and the volume is very small and easy to carry. The body of the air pump only weighs 0.93Kg, and the weight of the whole set of storage bags is not super high 1Kg, which is quite portable. Very consistent with its “accompanying” two word positioning.




Although the body of the air pump is made of plastic, the processing technology used in the body makes the air pump look completely cheap without plastic. The front of the fuselage is inset with a mirror display screen, and the circular operation keys are designed with a sense of science and technology. The appearance design of the whole air pump is completely different from that of the traditional air pump. If you hold it in your hand alone, you can’t imagine that the device with such a sense of texture is actually an electric air pump. I love it first of all because of the appearance level of Di’s accompanying air pump.




The information display of the air pump eliminates the traditional pressure gauge and replaces it with a digital display screen. The white digital tube displays clearly and the charging pressure is clear at a distance. Light touch key operation feel moderate rebound, no stiff rebound feeling. The side of the fuselage is provided with a charging interface for an air pump and a power interface for a DC12V car charging line. In addition, there is a high-power lighting LED lamp, which can be controlled by the button next to it, so that it can be used in special environment.




As an inflatable device, you can’t limit it to just inflating tires or balls. It can also be used in low-pressure inflating environments, such as balloons, swimming rings and other low-pressure items. And di mi has thoughtfully thought of this point, so its inflatable accessories are equipped with all kinds of, replace different nozzle accessories with different inflatable mode, they can be happy to inflate their needs.




Talk about here some people will say that the bright appearance of what is used are showy, have to rely on real ability. Then let’s take a look at the core parts of Di mi air filling pump. The cylinder is made of metal material, adopts permanent magnet copper wire motor, cylinder direct drive mode, without complex gear transmission, 100% transmission efficiency, full play of power, faster and more stable inflation.




The inner air pump not only has the real material, but also has more intelligent functions. The intelligent chip is accurate pressure measurement, and the push-button operation is simple and convenient and intuitive. In the use of the stepping type to adjust the preset pressure value, reach the preset pressure value automatically stop, this point in the car tire this kind of pressure value requires more accurate scene to use especially intimate, can be very convenient and accurate control of the tire pressure, so as to ensure driving safety.




Preset a variety of inflating modes for users to choose, for small white users is really the most intimate function. Built-in preset car, bicycle, ball, custom and other modes, each mode has the corresponding icon display, at the same time, tire pressure value, pressure unit, electricity situation and so on are all clear at a distance, even if the small white users use, just according to the corresponding mode to inflate, you can easily solve the problem facing the inflating.




The air pump supports wired and wireless power supply. Equipped with 1 detachable car charging cord and 1 Type-C charging cord. When using, switch freely according to the use environment. According to official data, the 2500mAh lithium battery inside the air pump can be filled with three empty tires, 10 car tires, 14 bicycle tires and 57 basketballs. To be honest, I have not tested this data in experiments, but in actual use, I usually inflate car tires by connecting with car charger, while I replenish air of bicycle, electric bike and basketball by wireless way. The measured use is very satisfactory, since the air pump hand about 10 days, to the bike charged twice, an electric car once, two basketball, a football. The power display of the air pump is still full. I am quite satisfied with the performance of the air pump.




In terms of inflating speed and working noise, the air pump, due to the direct drive mode adopted, has no complex gear combination, and of course, there will be working noise, but compared with the traditional inflating pump, the noise is relatively small. The inflating speed was comparable to my traditional inflating pump, and I was extremely satisfied with its actual performance.




We have mentioned that the side design of the air pump has a lamp. I think the addition of this small function is the most indispensable, which will play a great role in special scenes. For example, when there is a problem of tire pressure on the road at night, the air pump can both fill the air and provide lighting for the tire, so it is very convenient to use two birds with one stone.




An electronic device with more accessories, its storage problem is actually a very headache, accessories are generally small, but indispensable, storage is a very tricky problem. Di Mi provides customized EVA storage bag for air pump, which can not only hold small and light accompanying air pump, but also put all other accessories into the bag, so that the volume is as small as the ultimate bag.




Through the use of Di Mi accompanying air pump for a period of time, I summarized the following advantages:


1, wireless travel, no cable bondage, inflatable is not limited by cable and scene.


2. The inflatable operation is simple and easy to use, and there is almost no threshold for use.


3, a variety of inflatable preset mode, inflatable super simple.


4. Inflate according to the preset value and the test value, and there will be no danger caused by inflating. It is easy for users to operate and use without security risks.


5. The addition of a small lamp adds a lot of extra points for the inflatable pump, although small, it is very practical.


6, the storage bag, the storage is super easy.


Finally, I put forward some personal suggestions for exchange. I also hope that DI Technology can improve and provide us with more high-quality and safe equipment.


1. The charging cable of Type-C is expected to be a little longer, so that the charging will be more convenient. Now the charging line is a little short, such as charging in the small space in the car, is really not very convenient.


2. It is hoped that the nozzle of the inflatable hose can be changed into a metal clamp or screw type, because the inflatable nozzle is a common wear part. Long time wear and tear will lead to late inflating problems, and the metal nozzle will be more durable

Post time: May-08-2021