For many people, the car is like a second home, sometimes go out, eat and sleep, and even work are in the car, so people for the car environment is bound to have requirements, not to say how intelligent high-tech, at least clean and tidy. But it is such a small request, many people are difficult to do. Car surface cleaning is good to say, the car cleaning is more trouble. There are too many corners of corners, window gaps, seat bottom and other places health is more difficult to get. While it may seem fashionable to live in a car, the cleaning up afterwards is a daunting task, not to mention the fact that children often ride in it or take pets out with them.

So a lot of people will choose to buy an ordinary car vacuum cleaner, but in fact after used, they will find this car vacuum cleaner is really too chicken, not the volume is too big bad reception, is not enough suction, completely unable to achieve the purpose of cleaning, put in the car also became a place of existence. And we are going to introduce to you today a practical and compact portable car vacuum cleaner, VC-113 car vacuum cleaner!


First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance of  VC-113 car vacuum cleaner. The main color of the whole body is black, which is very simple and generous. In the hand is a metallic frosted touch, a lot of weight, texture. It’s 56.5mm in diameter, a bit thinner than a thermos flask, and it’s easy to handle. Built-in 4 2000mAh high-performance power batteries, can provide about 45 minutes of ultra-long battery life, according to 15 minutes to absorb the whole car calculation, a charge can clean 3 cars, it can be said to a large extent, to solve the owners of the car vacuum cleaner life anxiety.

VC-113 comes with a wide range of accessories. In addition to the charging cable, it also comes with two cleaning brush heads, a two-in-one suction nozzle and a blowing pipe. In the case of the original big suction nozzle can not suck up, you can replace it into a two-in-one suction nozzle, clean the gap of the seat cushion, the dust in front of the cab I generally use it, and as long as I press the black button on the suction mouth, the soft hair will retract upward, and the suction mouth minutes into a long flat suction. As for the debris that can not be absorbed, simply replace the blow pipe, and blow away the debris can be.

At this time, perhaps some people will ask, times think VC-113 vacuum cleaner so small head, dust effect can achieve the expected? There’s no need to worry about that at all. , VC-113 car vacuum cleaner has a total of two suction, short press the power button is a suction, up to 10000 pa, can easily cope with dust and hair, short press two times is the second suction, suction is as high as 15000 pa, is the strongest in the similar products, can effective gettering larger clastic particles, can fully meet the needs of interior space and health.

Inmmexport1611562374438 addition, VC-113 car vacuum cleaner also has a major feature that I am very satisfied with, that is its auxiliary lighting work. The person that has used car cleaner knows, a lot of vacuum cleaner on the market does not have lighting function, and there are many dark corners in the car again, sometimes also only estimate to clean up. But the VC-113 car vacuum cleaner will be a perfect presentation of this function, long press the power button for three seconds to open, instantly can illuminate the dark corner, let the dust debris no hiding.

Since I got this car vacuum cleaner, it’s much easier to clean the car. And this vacuum cleaner can not only be used to clean the car health, but also can be used to clean the author with its portable use and not weak suction, on the sofa, bed gap dust debris, also has a good cleaning effect. The key is that the operation is extremely convenient, the whole body only has a power button, the elderly can easily use.

VC-113 car vacuum cleaner, home and car use are not under the question, fashionable and delicate appearance, strong suction and super long endurance double benefit, protect your car environment clean, dustless, friends are sure not to try?

Post time: May-14-2021