NEW Arrivals

Our factory has been 10 years,and we are always trying best to provide the products that is perfect for our customer,we check every piece before sending out,we hope every piece on the hand of our customer is good and qualified.But we know that only have olds products are not enough,in order to give more choices for the customers to choose.This year we developed three items, these items are with modern appearance amd strong function.Two pieces of  air compressor and one piece of vacuum cleaner, let’s have a look.

CY102-16,this item is a double cylinder air compressor,all metal parts with strong looks like a audio,with LED display ,it is easier to be operated,and stopped automatic,gives customer better feeling of using.we can make different colors for customers,the product will be very beautiful.

htr (1)

This item is just finished designing,we are going to make a morden design and small body of it,so it will be very easy to carry, if customer want,we could put battery inside ,it could be recharged by USB  with any it could be use without wire, it is more convenient and can save more time for the cutsomers .though it is small , it also can inflate a tire in a short time.Don’t worry about the price,it is still attractive.

htr (2)

VC-113 is a new vacuum cleaner,it is with a small body,and large suction power,it looks like a cup,you could put is anywhere you want, in the car seat or on the sofa at home,it will never let you down because of the good-looking is very easy to remove the dust and granule,even the coffee which is spilled carelessly.We could make many different colors for the customer,and print logo on the body of the products.


In the new year,we could to cooperate with more customers and have more friends from the world,I believe it will be a wonderful year!

Post time: Jan-20-2021