Although the popularization of vacuum cleaner time is not too long, but in fact vacuum cleaner has a hundred years of development history. From the traditional bucket vacuum cleaner to today’s wireless hand vacuum cleaner, from once heavy body to now more and more miniaturization, and even cast off the shackles of the wire, to become a wireless hand-held clean sharp tool. A good vacuum cleaner, not only to clean the ground, even the curtains bedding, furniture and car decorations, such as the location of the cleaning can also be included, can be the most versatile cleaning tools in the home. What brand of vacuum cleaner is good? Why wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners work so well? However, with the vacuum product hot-selling, the brand on the market is mixed, to say which brand of vacuum cleaner is good? It’s from the German brand Profiles in Courage. As a leading international brand, FEMEFON has had more than 40 years of success since it was founded in 1976, and has launched a number of epoch-making purification products that are very popular with consumers, hailed as the world’s recognized pioneer and leader in the field of indoor purification, its products throughout Europe to occupy more than 80% of the market share, is a veritable Europe’s first brand. Recently, Pheena Tom efon introduced a new wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner TF-X70. It continues the previous generation of lightweight and portable design, and combines the human body balance mechanics to make the grip feel more comfortable. Performance has improved, compared to the previous generation to increase the maximum suction, next, we will look at the body of what it has “black technology. “. What brand of vacuum cleaner is good? Why wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners work so well? 1. Intelligent dust removal. With the wave of social intelligent development coming, more and more artificial intelligence enterprise products can realize the brand-new man-machine interaction through intelligent operation and management of information and data transmission science and technology, to bring people a more efficient life, pleasant use of the process of experience. Aware of this changing trend, the Feiner Tomefon wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with an advanced intelligent industry digital dust control system, which is displayed in real time via an OLED display on the host computer, users can get the information about the working state, remaining power, fault reminder, cleaning reminder, suction regulation, etc. at any time, which makes the cleaner production in the complex home market environment more targeted. Not only that, but the machine also uses infrared analysis and the amount of dust in the air stream to intelligently adjust the output power in the cleaning service mode, making the more dust the stronger the suction. What brand of vacuum cleaner is good? Why wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners work so well? 2, multi-cone cyclone separation + filter, battery power, strong fan at the same time, the vacuum cleaner can not drag the wind tunnel. The FINA TM efon wireless vacuum cleaner is also designed with cyclone separation function. By using the cyclone, dust can be separated into the dust collection box before it reaches the filter screen, thus avoiding blocking the filter screen and causing the suction to drop. Cyclone separation can easily separate large volumes of debris, but for small dust is powerless.

So the design of the filtration system has to be very fine. Therefore, the filter screen in front of the motor adopts a multi-layer filtering system to ensure that particles of different diameters can be filtered and collected in advance instead of being ejected from the air outlet, causing secondary pollution. What brand of vacuum cleaner is good? Why wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners work so well? 3, Quick Start and stop, manufacturers in the promotion of vacuum cleaners always emphasize the maximum suction, can quickly start and stop this feature is often ignored by users. Because of the difference of starting and stopping speed, the fan does not reach the maximum power or shut down instantaneously. During this time, the air flow of the air nozzle is unsteady and the direction is uncertain, the result is always dust blowing or a backflow of dust when the vacuum is turned on and off. Therefore, Quick Start and stop is very important, for a vacuum cleaner, the longer this period of time, the final cleaning effect will be subject to the larger image. The FENA Tomefon wireless vacuum cleaner can start and stop at 0.5 s, that is, stop and stop, do not have to worry about dust flow back. What brand of vacuum cleaner is good? Why wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners work so well? 4. Charging rack, the Fena Tomefon wireless vacuum cleaner is still equipped with easy to use charging rack, not only can save space to complete the collection of hand-held vacuum cleaner, but also to complete the charging of the vacuum cleaner, you kill two birds with one stone. In addition to the vacuum cleaner body, the receiving rack also provides the receiving position of the accessories. As a result, a wide variety of accessories can be placed in a well-organized rack, which saves space and makes it easier to quickly find, magnetically designed, and compatible with a wide variety of accessories, make the most of all the space. These are just a few of the “black technologies” of the FEMEFON wireless vacuum cleaner. Although there are a lot of wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners on the market, few of them have all these features. This also makes them fundamentally different in terms of the end use experience. Of course, the features of the Fena Tome Fon wireless vacuum cleaner are not limited to the above points, there are a number of convenience points to explore. Just need a wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner, from the ground to the mattress, from the desktop to the car interior, or even the chassis mouse keyboard and other electronic devices can clean, so convenient universal cleaning tool, you can not miss.

Post time: Aug-24-2021