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Originating from Europe, vacuum cleaners have a history of more than 100 years. Since they were introduced into the Chinese market in 1980, vacuum cleaners have attracted great market attention. Meanwhile, the sales volume of vacuum cleaners in China has been growing at a rapid rate of 38% per year. However, due to the high price of wireless vacuum cleaners, and the aging structure of traditional vacuum cleaners can not meet the needs of consumers, such a series of user pain points lead to the penetration rate of vacuum cleaners in Chinese cities is only 11%, far lower than that of developed countries.


Beautiful subversion industry is about to set off wireless vacuum cleaner popularization storm


The impression of vacuum cleaner still stays in the heart of most consumer in wired, big dust bucket, bulky, etc., but as science and technology develops and consumption upgrade, no matter the performance or function of vacuum cleaner, there is quite big science and technology breakthrough. Especially the current hot wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, small appearance, powerful function, easy to use, favored by consumers. However, excellent products are often accompanied by a higher price, wireless vacuum cleaner is far higher than the price of traditional vacuum cleaners also make most consumers away.



It is reported that recently, Midea set off the popularity of the POWER series of wireless vacuum cleaner storm, with excellent performance of the product with a preferential price, aiming to bring quality and convenient life to consumers.


Leading technology to create outstanding products


Midea’s 3 project teams, including 28 Chinese and foreign engineers, spent 2 years and obtained 84 international patents to build the POWER series of wireless vacuum cleaners. The series of vacuum cleaners have won the China Home Appliance Innovation Award, 2016 Best Product Award, 2016 “Gold Choice Award”, the United States Industrial Design Award, etc., deeply recognized by commercial peers and consumers.


Power series, based on the three design concepts of science and technology, practicability and humanization, realize wireless operation, flexible and convenient use and wider cleaning area compared with the previous wired vacuum cleaners. In addition, the humanized LED searchlight can illuminate the dark and dead corners of the house. It can be used with eight accessories to meet different cleaning needs professionally and effectively realize 360° house cleaning. It is worth mentioning that the POWER series adds the humanized design of the removable charging rack of the wireless vacuum cleaner, the safety wrench, the extension of the push rod, and the one-button dust dump.


Midea’s POWER series of wireless vacuum cleaners is specially equipped with a large capacity lithium battery, which can achieve a fast charge of 1 hour and a long battery life. In addition, it also has the MAX powerful mode, equipped with Midea’s unique multi-cone dust and gas separation technology, with 80000 RPM motor, triple imposition to create super suction, effective removal of stubborn dust. The POWER series also features patented intelligent dust sensing technology that automatically adjusts suction according to the amount of dust.


Significant concessions set off a popular storm


In this activity of “Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Popualization Storm”, POWER series products will receive preferential policies, and the price will be reduced by up to 1300 yuan. Among them, the price of P71 activity is only 1,999 yuan, the price of P73 activity is only 2,499 yuan, and the price of P75 activity is only 2,999 yuan. The ultra-high cost-effective product will bring a huge surprise to consumers.


In order to give consumers more opportunities to experience in person, this popularity storm will be launched on September 1, 2018 solstice on October 7 in Midea outlets across the country.



Consumption upgrading promotes the transformation and upgrading of the vacuum cleaner industry


The United States serves as well-known national home appliance company, the responsibility will suit national whole consumption level, the wireless vacuum cleaner with powerful performance at the same time popularizes to thousands of households. This time “popularize storm” activity, while promoting domestic household clean electrical appliance upgrade, also made a contribution to the popularizing rate of the national wireless vacuum cleaner. Let the achievements created by China benefit every Chinese family, which is also the practical embodiment of the corporate tenet of “dedicating better cleanliness to every Chinese family” of Mei.


I believe that in the future on the road of home appliances, Midea can bring you more excellent technology products.

Post time: Apr-09-2021