Generally speaking, we buy vacuum cleaners to suck garbage, but there is some points that have to be noticed while using a vacuum cleaner.

1. When using this product, in order to avoid insufficient power storage, you must first start the engine of the car and then link the product, so it will not cause your car battery to be too low to drive. When connecting the power supply, please insert the cigarette lighter jack directly,do not use other converters.

2. This product is only used for 12-13.6V DC. Please ensure that the power supply voltage is stable and unobstructed. It is strictly prohibited to use it under other voltages ,or else it will  damage to this product or bring accidents. If you want to use it at home, please buy a 220V to 12V power converter.

3. Before using this product, please keep the cigarette lighter power socket clean to avoid short circuit or poor contact.

4. It is strictly forbidden to remove the filter device during vacuuming.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use things that are burning when vacuuming, such as cigarettes.

6. If the vacuum cleaner filter you purchased can be washed, please dry it before using again, or else it will reduce the suction of the product.

7. This product is an emergency product. The air compressor bases on the principle of the piston, so it is common to get higher temperature during working. In order to extend the life of the product, the continuous working time of the air compressor must not exceed 10 minutes. After inflating a tire, please rest for about 10 minutes. Waiting for the body cooling down ,then use again.

8. For Lifebuoy, inflatable sofa, inflatable bed, inflatable chair, etc.,as they need longer time to inflate, please take a test for 15 minutes, so that the body can be fully cooled before recycling, to ensure and extend the product life.

9. This product is strictly forbidden to inflate large trucks and other heavy-weight cars. It is strictly forbidden to use 24V voltage, otherwise the product will burn out .

10. When the product is working, please do not to leave . Please always pay attention to the gauge index to prevent overcharging.

11. Never place the air outlet and nozzle near the eyes or ears or make other dangerous actions.

12. Do not pull the wire and air pipe to ensure that the product can be used normally.

13. Do not use this product in water or in a damp place to prevent electric shock and short circuit.

14. Finish using this product, please turn off the switch, unplug the power supply, clean and store the product, and keep away from flammable and explosive things.

15. Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Please dispose of the garbage properly.

Post time: Jan-20-2021